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Money, Career & Wealth for Pisces

Mars follows an orbit which is subject to periodic variations. The nearer to the Sun it gets, the nearer to the Earth it gets too. When this occurs, we get to see it as a far brighter, more impressive object than usual. Mars this year, comes closer to the earth than at any point in the last 73,000 years. It is due to be passing through your sign. You are due to be fortunate, there is no doubt about that.

But please don't imagine that this means that all your numbers will be lucky or that you will wake up in the night dreaming the names of horse race winners, who then go on to romp home the very next day at odds of 100-1. Nor even will you necessarily be lucky in the other sense of the word. You will not necessarily find yourself being clutched at regular intervals from the jaws of certain doom by some winged eagle of rescue. Your luck will enable you not only to know what you want and why but to be able to see precisely how you can get it and when. It will bless you with insight, judgement and an unerring ability to know what will work and what will not.

In every area of life this year, from love to money to career, you will find yourself making apt, accurate decisions that lead to delightful results. And as Uranus also moves into your sign, you’ll become more capable of engineering the kind of changes you most yearn to see.

Love & Relationships for Pisces

Mars normally spends about six weeks in your sign once every couple of years. This year though, it will enter Pisces in June and remain there till the middle of December. Six whole months during which the great battle-fighter of the sky will be at your service, awaiting your command. And in case you doubt the significance of that offer, it is coming during this same time, closer to earth than at any point in the past 73,000 years.

Mars, by the way, is a planet of passion as well as power. Deep needs are explored, yearnings are felt – and conquests are made whenever Mars happens to be passing through your sector of the sky. You can allow this time to bring you a seducer... or you can go out and charm whoever you feel most attracted to... but you can’t expect to get through this year without fulfilling some kind of life-long fantasy. And if you ARE to stay in an existing relationship, then somehow, it is going to have to become much more exciting. It is as if the contrast is being turned up on the TV screen of your heart.

And, as the planet of upheaval and sudden change is also moving into Pisces this year, you can expect the brightness and the volume to be similarly turned up. If you’re truly happy as you are... nothing need alter. But if you’re only pretending, hold tight. EVERYTHING is about to change.

Overview for Pisces

During 2003, Mars will be nearer to the Earth than it has been at any point in the last 73,000 years. Make a point of watching out for it from July onwards.

How interesting that this traditional symbol of strength and stamina should choose its most spectacular appearance in the whole of all recorded history while passing through the sign of Pisces. Could this be an extra special, deeply significant, truly wonderful year for you?

Well, the planets have never been more emphatic! Nor is this the only rare and stunning celestial development due to affect you in the coming 12 months. In March, the planet Uranus will enter your sign. It will stay until September when it will pop back to its previous place of heavenly residence, before taking up a semi-permanent residence in the sign of Pisces in 2004.

When, you may wonder, was this planet of change and progress last in your part of the sky? Well, you do not have to go back 73,000 years but you do have to turn over a great many pages in the history book, for the last time Uranus was seen in Pisces was in January 1928. Much has changed since then! One way or another you are looking at a year which offers you an abundance of once in a lifetime opportunity. All you have to do is take it... and you'll make it!

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