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Ungodly cold, ungodly hours...

It's wicked fuckin' early, to use a Boston colloquialism. I was up at 5:15 this morning. Dragged myself (second day running) to the gym, and now I'm home again contemplating actually making breakfast.

That's not why I'm writing though.

Last night I took a break from my normal Improv teaching routine to attend a benefit for one of my co-workers who lives like he doesn't have Lou Gehrig's Disease. I phrase it that way because that's the way it is. Bruce is really sick, but he doesn't live like he is. He's lost most of the use of his hands, yet he continues to manage our accounting department, coming to work every day (driving!) and he never needs anything special other than occasionally asking for help cutting his meat at lunch.

Bruce's friends and family put on a benefit 2 out of every 3 years to help the family keep up with the mounting medical costs. A part of what they raise goes towards ALS research as well.

So last night, several of us from the office trekked on down to the Hampshire House (for those of you NOT in Boston, that's Melville's above Cheers) for dinner, socializing and a raffle, then we all went over to the Frog Pond for ice skating. While I didn't skate myself, I did blow three rolls of film which should get developed today. They're sitting right here by my keyboard as I type. Let's just hope I don't forget them.

I guess the point of this whole thing is that I think it's a marvelous thing when people can come together to support their friends. Friends are one of the most important things we have. So figure out which one of yours can use a pick me up, and go offer them your hand.

The New Buddha :)

Oh, yeah, and the ungodly cold? 17 degrees with a windchill factor of 0 right now. FAHK!

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