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Fun fun show tonight. Even though we only got to do the second half cause of the grad class, it was still a really high energy show. People took big chances and we had some fun scenes. Best of all, there were friends in the audience.

Thank you for coming! It was awesome to look out and see you smiling, even if you didn't mean it. ;)

And then, as a bonus, nearly 2 hours after the show, after coffee and a long chat with some cast mates and our director about nothing in particular, we were all walking down the street and heard, "Improv Asylum! You guys rock! Come drink martini's with us! I saw the greatest show tonight. You guys are awesome!"

Oh yea. I live for the rockstar moments. :) Wish I could have let them buy me martinis, but I had offered to drive some folks home. Oh well. Next time.

Thanks again to the folks who came to the show. Glad you enjoyed it. Can you believe I get PAID for that?!!?!?

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