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It's a Mad World...

So Smallville ended with Mad World the other night, which I first heard on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. The song sorta... clings to my brain, so I've been listening to it since this morning, and decided I needed to give it a shot...

I got a really good first track down... few parts I needed to re-take. No biggie... but then there was this huge vomit, and while I was cleaning up the main track, it suddenly vanished. All I was left with were the re-takes.

So I stopped.

Around 9:30, as I was about to climb into bed, the brain said, "Do it again."

So here it is. Very rough, not cleaned up (lots of popping 'p' sounds and such). At some points you can tell where I cut between one take and another. And actually, because the roomie came home (and I don't like singing when there are other people in the house, roomie or no) I only sang the chorus once. I just copied that part out of the earlier take and managed to synch it up for the second round of chorus.

I guess I'm getting better with the technical end.

Mad World - 763KB (Real Media)

Again, please right click and save locally rather than trying to stream.

And no, for the first time, I've opted not to lock a recording down to friends only. Eventually I'll be adding a 'ripoffs of other people's music' section to my webpage, so... :P


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