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Killing you softly with my fist, making your whole world a red mist-killing you softly with my fist

I can't fucking BELIEVE the audacity of Boston drivers. I want machine guns mounted to the hood of my car so that I can start blowing the living shit out of any ignorant self-centered fuckwad who dares to piss me off on my morning commute.

Today, I attempted to run and Audi off the road. The ignorant twat driving it decided that it was her right not to have to sit in the line that I had been sitting in for twenty minutes. She thought it was okay to just cut me off and slip in. I denied her, giving her the finger the whole time. Unfortunately, it was only the finger through my side window, not through her eye. The motard behind me let her in. He should have made the bitch suffer.

Do these fuckwads do this at the grocery store with their shopping carts? Do they do it at the bank? What gives them the right to do it on the highway? And where the fuck are the cops who are supposed to be keeping shit like this from happening.


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