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6:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

Well hello my pretty little monkeys! I've spent the day walking about Kathmandu and taking far too many pictures of far too many temples and inhaling FAR too much pollution for my own good. Hense, the stop in the internet booth thing to give them a break.

Today I sat on the stoop of Maju dega, a Hindu Temple built in the 17th century, and wrote postcards. That was my first 'burning lungs' break. Alot of people here wear scarves over their faces, or even surgical masks, and I'm beginning to understand why. There are ASSLOADS of cars here, and because it's a deep valley, all the smog just sits. They've started doing things that will help cut down on pollution like outlawing diesel tuktuks (little 3 wheeled cabs built to carry 8, but which typically carry 15... I think this is where they got the idea for clown cars from) but it'll take a while to fix what's happened.

Now, we're not talking Los Angeles bad here, it's just bad to run for me because a) we're 2000 some odd feet higher than I'm used to being and b) the air has a little bit of a funk to it.

I did, however, spend some quality time bouncing from shop to shop between pictures, and got a photoalbum with hand made paper pages, a singing bowl, a pair of golden topaz earrings and matching pendant for my sister and various other goodies for nephews and such.

While I was perched upon the Hindu Temple, I was approached by a Tibetan man who was 'leaving to go back to Tibet tomorrow, sir' and had to get rid of all his little trinkets. He had a pendant I liked, but he wanted 2500 rupees for it. Now Tibetans (unlike Nepali) don't haggle, but when I told him I only had 1000 rupees on me he said 'Fifteen hundred'. "No, I only have 1000 rupees in my pocket." 'Okay, done.' And he sold the damn thing to me.

In case you were wondering, 1000 rupees is about $13.

Anyway, that's all for today, I think. It's nearing 5:00 PM my time, and I have to find Sarah so we can go get dinner. Her driver, Madan, is supposed to be dropping her off near here soon.

Quick time conversion: EST + 10h45m = Nepali time
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