The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Beer Beer Beer Beer (sung to the tune of the Spam song)

These are the notes taken from the Beer Tasting held on January 25th, chez moi. Drew took the notes, blame him for misspellings and misquotes. Some of these comments are totally irreverent towards the Brew, but what the hell:

1) Sam Smith's Imperial Stout
"Molassississy" - Dot
"Sour Finish?" - Clay
"Roasted Ham in a cup" Grizzled undertones of pork

2) Dunen - Dubel - Belgian Abbey Ale
"Smells Fruity. No. I mean the beer, not Alan." - Dot
Bitter. Goes dry at the end.

3) Klae's Bad Ass Barley Wine
"Better than the last one, that for sure" - Eric
Solid. It's better than the last brew.
Chris makes the same face as everyone else.

4) White Ale - Hitachino Nest Japan
Zings. Perfumey, like hand soap. Clean crisp taste.
"My mom might even drink that." - Clay
Quote from label: Consumption of Alcohole beverages impairs...

5) Paulaner Hefeweizen
"I love this shit. Boo-Yeah!" - Dot
Buttery Belgian

6) Affligem Christmas Ale - Noel
Metallic Hops, strong, lingering aftertaste. A two point finel (Drew, what the fuck does that mean?)
Subtle, stupid & girly

7) Trois Pistoles - Unibroue
Ballsy beer. No lingering. Heavy. Celery.
"It feels like Meatloaf is in my mouth. The singer, not the food." - Chris

8) Delerium Tremens
Abusive. "Fizzy, crawls around the tongue." - Paul
Tastes like ice cream.

9) Lucifer Golden Belgian

10) Chris' Angel Island Ale (homebrew type 1) (Chris V, not the roomie)
Peppy. Good. Very smooth.

11) Rapscallion Creation
Triple Bock mixed with Sprite.
Gross. Alfalfa. Salty. Would marinate a steak well.

12) Chimay Triple
Tasty. Wheaty. Good. Little too bready?

13) Young's Old Nick Barley Wine "Style"
Carmely. Lightly seasoned "pooper". Toffee

14) Celebrator (or "Drew brought a good one!")
"Wow! Drew, you're awesome!" - unknown
"Yuck." - some other unknown

15) Rapscallion Premier
People skipped. Earthy. "Delicate attack." "A bad blowjob." Crisp. Actually tasty. Cleared Karen's sinuses.
"It's the fluid they use in an Iron Lung" - Joe

16) Arrogant Bastard
"Yack Barf" Grapefruit skin/juice. Half the folks liked it half hated it.

17) Maudite - Unibroue
Spice. Palate Defining.

18) Hitachino Nest Weizen Japan
Tastes like Band-Aid. Very Dry. Plastic. Antibiotic. Pickled Ginger.
"Hangover in a cup." - Clay

19) Gulden Draak
"Stop picking on my head tonight?" - Dot
Norman Mailer of beers. Doesn't linger, kicks your ass.
"Mmrmph!" - Clay
Maple Syrupy. Caramel

20) Old Rasputin
Woody. Robust. Balai's Chocolate. (what ever the fuck that means, Drew)

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