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26 Motherfuckin Rolls of Film...

I've only got 3 days left!!

Where did the time go? I've seen and done SO much, but it seems that there's so much left to get done.

And I had to buy more film.

I've taken 26 rolls so far (well, 25 done, one half way done). So I bought a few more today, just in case. DAMN is film cheap here. 4 rolls of 36 exposure 400 film for 800 rupees. That's just a bit over $10. Exchange rates rock.

The last few days have been really fun. I spent a whole day in Patan (south of Kathmandu) and a whole day in Backtapur (east of Kathmandu). Thanksgiving day, Sarah and I squeezed about 100 ping-pong ball sized limes so she could make grog to bring to the Thanksgiving shindig at the DCM's house (Deputy Chief of Mission... the assistant Ambassador, who's in charge till the new ambassador gets here). There were about 80 people at the party, mostly Americans affiliated with the Embassy and their kids. I'd no idea there were so many American's here!! There was a ton of food, and since it was technically an Embassy Reception, there was much booze. The grog was a HUGE hit.

I hope all of you had a great Turkey day. I'll see you all soon! :)

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