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One More For (On) The Road...

So tired... brain needs rest...

I spent the day today in Singapore. Is it a city or a country? Or both? I think it's both. But I can't be sure, I have to check when I get home.

One thing I *DO* know, however, is that it's hot as fucking hell here. I guess since I'm only spitting distance from the equator I shouldn't have expected different, but HOLY CRAP, you step out side and start sweating even if you're standing still. It was about 85ish, with 90 percent humidity. There were also occasional rain showers.

I did the little 'walking tour' of old Chinatown in the early morning (when it was only 80) then spent the afternoon on Orchard Street hopping from shopping mall to shopping mall hogging their air conditioning. I actually even stopped at a movie theatre and watched Monsters, Inc. during the hottest part of the day. Pretty impressive, only S$6.50 for the movie, and each S$ = 1.8 US $, so the movie was about $4. And the theatre was cool as all get out, too.

Anyway, enough of that blathering. On to NEW blathering.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to keep up with everyone's LJ posts while I've been away. Mostly because of slow connection speeds making it near impossible. But in the few rare instances where I did get a chance to pull up my friends page, it was reassuring to hear from you all, even indirectly.

It was sort of odd, today, being thrown back into a real city after two weeks in the Third World. The taxi I was in actually got up above 30 MPH on the road (which didn't have cows in it). I'm sure I'll be in for a bit of culture shock when I get home. And I hope I don't cause any traffic accidents-- I've been in countries where you do the wrong side of the road driving for 2.5 weeks... I know I'm going to get confused the first time I try to enter a rotary. :P Pray for me. The Geo is small and delicate and won't take a head-on collision well.

I also just found out that we have pictures for the Touring Company part of the Asylum webpage on Monday. Now, I've been letting the beard grow while I've been gone. And I've gotten some sun... do I keep the beard for the pictures, or shave it and hope I don't have a retarded looking tan line??

Yeah, if that's the biggest crisis in my life I'll be doing well. :)

The airport here in Singapore is pretty bitchin, too. For S$4 I get half an hour of high speed net access. Good way to kill the time rather than shopping. I have *NO* room left on my customs exemption. I just hope I remembered to include EVERYTHING on my list in case they search my bags.

HOLY CRIPES!!! This just in from Sarah:

Boy, did you get out of Nepal at the right time. Found out Monday at work that the Maoists attacked one of the airports frequented by tourists up in Solukhumbu, and killed like 34 policement, and the district governor, and that about 70 people got killed over the weeked-- not counting Maoists that were killed. The King has declared a national state of emergency, and suspended the the basic rights protected by the consitution. The army's been firing on Maoist groups from helicopters down south, and the Maoists have been declared a terrorist organization-- which means that the army can go after them full-fire now.

Talk about good timing... wow... and after I did so much to revitalize their tourist economy!

Okay, time is almost up now. Y'all be good. I'll be home on Wednesday.

Don't you know... talkin' 'bout a revolution...
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