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On October 25, 2003 Saturn turns retrograde while making an exact conjunction to the US Sun. Taking a look at the historical record will help understand what we can expect for this extraordinary astro-event. Transiting Saturn (responsibility) conjunct the US Sun (the president) has occurred three times in the last century, and has always brought profound historical changes.

The first incidence was when Woodrow Wilson was president just before the US entered World War I. On May 27, 1916, when transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sun, Wilson proposed for the first time a League of Nations to keep peace in the world once the war had ended. Not coincidentally, 29 years later (one Saturn cycle) delegates from 50 nations created a charter to establish the United Nations.

President Truman gave the closing speech on June 26, 1945, the very day that transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sun. He said that the U.N. would betray the trust of all those who died in the war, "if we seek to use it selfishly for the advantage of any one nation or small group of nations." Transiting Saturn has a downside, and that is that any misuse of authority taken by the president when Saturn comes around will bring his ruin or downfall.

Richard Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974, again, on the exact day that transiting Saturn was conjunct the US Sun. Still, during this personally traumatic phase Nixon was immersed in foreign affairs. And now, as President Bush warns the United Nations to help him fight Saddam, or "fade into history as an effective, irrelevant debating society," one has to wonder about Bush's fate.

The Next War

Military planners and political strategists say that the fighting in Iraq will be over relatively quickly, perhaps taking only a few weeks to a few months to overturn Saddam's regime. The difficult part will be in the follow-up, the nation building that proposes to stitch together three mutually antagonistic ethnic groups into a democratic Iraq.

From an astrological perspective it's clear that serious military confrontations will continue for at least another year. This assessment comes from advancing both Bush's horoscope and the US horoscope, which show simultaneous war themes through the end of 2004. Most obvious is that Bush's progressed Sun* will be conjunct his war planet Mars on June 6, 2004.

In the US horoscope the progressed Midheaven, symbolizing the nation's destiny, will be forming a square to natal Venus in December 2004. Major astro-events involving the US Venus most often correspond to war, since in the Scorpio Rising chart Venus rules the Seventh House of open enemies. Note that transiting Pluto was conjunct Venus when the US entered World War I, and progressed Venus was conjunct Pluto when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941.

Projecting the Venus line onto the global map shows areas of likely combat zones. As noted in January 28 NewsScope, a Venus line runs across Western Europe. This Venus line was activated on D-Day June 6, 1944. Another Venus line passes through southern Japan where the first atomic bombs were dropped. The political astrologer will note with some trepidation that this same Venus line also passes right through North Korea.

From Alex at the Tremont Tearoom.

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