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Because I fucking rule, that's why... (and so does komos)

So I've been volunteering at Beer Summit events for about a year now. Josh, who runs the thing, is damn cool, and I don't mind spending a whole day lugging kegs and shit for him.

Normally, however, I staff the Unibroue table. At the Winter Jubilee, komos was my table buddy, and we kicked some serious ass. Richard, the New England rep for Unibroue, was so pleased with us he gave us assloads of free stuff. Huzzah!

Well, for this year's summit (on April 5th), Richard can't make it, which would normally mean that Unibroue wouldn't be represented. HOWEVER, Richard told Josh that he'd put a Unibroue table in the event if komos and I were available to work it. So we, 4 handedly, kept one of the best breweries involved with the best beer event in Boston. :)


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