The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
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My Job, An Epic Haiku by Klae

Disgust all around
I am sick to my stomach
You claim to care, but...

We do not matter
Only your cock waving does
"I am more than you"

Shove your title, ass
I could give a flying fuck
I do more work, yo.

I can't wait to see
You suffer when I am gone
Cry, asshole, yes, cry

Once I respected
The work that you did here, but
Now you are just shit

Cockwaving all day
Ever showing ignorance
We suffer. You're blind.

So take this job, ass
Put it where the sun don't shine
I hope it festers.

Fuck you fuck you fuck
You fuck you fuck you fuck you
Fuck you fuck you, ass.
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