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New Orleans, a (Brief) Pictorial

These are only eight of the digital pictures I took when I was down in Cajun Country. I didn't want folks to think all I did was drink hurricanes, so until I can get the other pictures developed, this will have to tide you all over.

The first few days I was there was for a conference, so I was working, so to speak. We were at the Sheraton, downtown, and I lucked out and got a room on the river side.

The conference was fun, mostly because I knew alot of the people there (from other companies as well as from the company hosting the conference) and because piter_kenobi made his way down to hang out for the week. During one of the evening dinner events they had fortune tellers, Cajun music and even had crawfish races! I won a voodoo doll in the crawfish race.

We toured the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas while we were there. My new icon is a picture of the jellyfish at the Aquarium. I actually wish I'd stayed around the jellyfish area longer, cause I got some other really cool shots of them.

While we were there, it was the French Quarter Festival, so there was music and food EVERYWHERE, and Saturday night was fireworks over the Mississippi.

Sunday found us in the Garden District where we happened upon Anne Rice's house. I also found the Real World house, but didn't take any digital pictures of it.

Sunday night we tried Chinese in the French Quarter for dinner. Interesting to say the least.

Monday and Tuesday were spent wandering the city (yes, we saw boobies on Bourbon Street, yes I took a picture of them, no I'm not posting it {mostly cause you can't see anything}). We also went to the House of Blues, where we got to see the picture of the Devil selling his soul to Sammy Davis Jr.

Wednesday, the hosts at our Bed and Breakfast sent us off with a real New Orleans lunch:

So once I get all the film developed, I'll put the good pictures up in the 'gallery' for y'all. But for now, this will have to suffice.

Well, I'm standing on the corner of Lafayette
State of Louisiana
Wondering where a city boy could go
To get her in a conversation
Drink a little red wine
Dance to the music of Clifton Chenier
The King of the Bayou
--Paul Simon

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