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Deep and meaningful...

I read and am moved. I read and am entertained. I read and am impressed. But rarely do I write moving, entertaining or impressive things.

"Went to store. Put the top down. Mad at so-and-so."

I want to write things that will keep people's interest, but it feels like part of my creativity is shot at the moment.

Since breaking my arm, I literally feel as if my brain is only operating at 85% of normal.

Yeah, I can FEEL that I'm dumber than I used to be. Or slower at least. I suddenly stop myself and just think, "What the hell is WRONG with me? Why am I doing this like THIS?" It's disconcerting to say the least.

Maybe vacation will allow me to recharge the part of my brain that was overtaxed by a month of not sleeping more than 3 consecutive hours a night. Cripes, is this what it's like to be a new parent? I guess it's a GOOD thing that I'm single. :)

I think I'll go for a duh outside now...

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