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Travel Tip #77214:

If you're going to throw up in a dark alley in Kathmandu, it's better to be wearing sneakers than sandals.

So yes, this is a NON banzai_nepal update, mostly because of the subject matter. Me hurling my guts out in a dirt lined gutter in Kathmandu not 60 minutes ago.

No, I'm not drunk.


Apparently something I had for lunch just didn't agree with me, because right in the middle of a purchase in a shop in Thamel I said to the shop keeper, "Can you hold these for me until tomorrow?" then turned to givemethewhip and said, "How about you drive me home right now?" Not more than 40 steps from the shop, I turned up an alley and spilled my guts on the sidewalk.

Fun fun fun. Not.

So here I am, lying on the couch with Mem Sahib's laptop while she tries to find the other two members of our travel party who we left behind to finish their shopping with the very kind Naseer, who is a remarkable salesman.

More on the last few days later. For now, I need to find some gingerale.

Anyone got some Cipro they can spare?

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