The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
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Fleeting images... fleeting health...

Yet ANOTHER night of really vivid, really whacked out dreams. These were more along the lines of the Aliens dreams, but there was not folk singing. It was just intense. I can't remember more than that at this point, unfortunately, although I did remember it before I left for work. DAMN YOU SHORT TERM MEMORY!

I think all the dreams may be caused by the uber-strong antibiotic I'm on. The one that gives me stomach cramps and tastes like regurgitated aspirin on my tongue.

I'm SO tired, and I ache, and I really just want to sleep some, but the brain is awake. As long as I'm sitting still and comfortable, I'm okay, but once I try to move it's just blahsville.

Such a whiner... such a whiner.

"This is MY United States of Whatever."

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