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Sifting Through Memories... (updated)

My stomach has allowed me leave to head up into the attic. So, like anyone with 30 (HOLY SHIT, I leave a month from today!) days remaining in the state, I restarted my purging of "Things that are not necessary."

There's alot of stuff that's going. 10 Garbage bags full so far. Yeah, I'm a pack rat. Okay, I'm a HUGE freaking pack rat. But there's also stuff I'm keeping, and stuff I didn't know I'd kept. The Christmas Card from Suzie just made me sit and think for a really long time.

My driver's license, however, invoked a chuckle. I was 16 in the bottom one, and 19 maybe when the top one was taken.

And finally, la piece duh resistance:

Yes, that's a ditto. Unfortunately it doesn't smell anymore.

So now, back up into the attic for more fun and adventure.

le disque souple

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