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A break...

So my room is MAYBE half way empty. I've been working on it pretty steadily since I got up at 12:30 this afternoon.

Why 12:30? Well, I didn't get home till nearly 4:30 after the farewell shindig at Chez komos, who has to be the best host in the world.

After a minor brain meltdown on the way there, and a very tense first hour, I actually started to relax and enjoy myself, pushing the specter of Good Bye out of my head and just enjoying the presence of my friends. mr_sarcasm, khourytamarisk (and Steve), agoodshinkickin, jawalter (and sister), dirtymikesell, devina, c_m_i, wildflowersoul, mittenstein, tiny_chicken, mudguts, quislibet, shelbyg, cosmicserpent, futurenurselady, Dot and Alan, Liz and John, Eddie, Paul and Nancy, Ted and Russ, Catherine, Tenille, and Melissa were all in attendance. It was very NOT going away partyesque, which was good for me. No horribly drunk, no weeping like a child... it was just some really nice quality time with alot of my friends.

Looking back on it, I don't think I could have asked for a better party. Unless there had been a lapdance, but that's really a different kind of party. And with my friends, it would have been dirtymikesell doing the lapdance, so forget I even said anything.

People came and went throughout the evening, I made sure (I think) that no one felt obliged to stay all night (well, except komos -- it was his house after all). That way I didn't have to say goodbye to everyone all at once, too, which was good.

I finally packed it in around 3:30 AM and gave shelbyg a lift home to booneyfuck Medford. On the trip I passed New England's first Krispy Kreme store. Holy shit did it smell good. I wanted to stop, but resisted. Maybe I'll sneak up during the week next week sometime while I take a packing break. :)

Then came bed and peaceful slumber.

So now I'm here... my bed is covered in shit I have to sort through before I can sleep. My dresser, bookshelves, TV, books, wall hangings, art, pictures and alot of other stuff is all either boxed or moved into the Library waiting to be truckloaded. Hopefully tomorrow all I'll have to do is break down my bed, and move my computer and desk, and then cris can start moving his stuff into the room. I'll be on the couch for a few nights till he can get his stuff out of the guest room, then I'll bunk in there until the 11th.

Oy... just oy.

I'm also working on some sort of way to update here while komos and I are on the road. Keep your fingers crossed for a good solution.

Back to the mess...
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