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Okay, so today is the PERFECT day to own a convertible. The sky is a sort of powdery blue at the horizon that darkens to true sky blue (duh) above. There's not a cloud anywhere. No humidity. Nice light breeze. 68 degrees. Sunny... WHY DO I HAVE TO BE INSIDE!? BAH!

My hair is a nice dark blue today. Why? Because I want to watch all the suits clench their sphincters in consternation as I walk by. What are they going to do, fire me? :D I actually tried to do it this weekend with the help of the fabulous agoodshinkickin, but for some reason, the hair just WOULDN'T take the color. So with an additional wash in last night, I look like a fucking blueberry.

I'm caffinated, and TOTALLY don't want to be here today.

I was up until midnight emptying my room. Amazing how big it is when there's nothing in it. Slept on the couch (poorly) last night. The house is just a mass of my stuff everywhere... oy. Just oy.

Oh, and my plan for a way to update my journal on the road is coming to fruition. I may be able to test it out sometime today or tomorrow. ::SCHWING::

Hugs and Kisses,
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