The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Batteries Not Included, but a Whole Shitload of Other Stuff Is!

Bonus feature number one for today... DISHWASHER! Praise Buddha* for the dishwasher.

Other bonuses... we really ARE right in downtown Sunnyvale. There's a little shopping area less than a mile away that has THREE sushi places. THREE!! There's also a place for Dim Sum, a place for pizza, Thai, Filipino, Indian, and quite possibly a TIKI BAR!**

The room is becoming more of a room, although most of today was spent unpacking the kitchen*** and helping tarotchan reformat her computer*****.

There is still much to be done, including studying.

If it turns out that Paul**** doesn't need any office help, I may take a few days and drive up to see the rents, then look at temp job places to keep me fed until I can take the Real Estate test and begin working in earnest.

This is where my update ends, because...well... I'm done. :)

There's a Yoga place there too...

* I'm going to miss Hong Kong Action Breakfast.
** Yes Jen, I'm picturing you doing the Tiki Dance right now.
*** And using the above mentioned dishwasher.
**** From the new office.
***** Oh, and I put about 25 new beers into

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