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Flashback to Monday...

So Monday... you remember Monday, right?

The only thing I posted about was the joy of my new phone, however, there was much more to Monday than that.

Monday started out horribly bad.

I got up with the upset tummy. Since the whole "Nepali Bacteria Incident" I've been at less that optimal gastrohealth. The antiobiotics that they put me on (over and over) to fight the bacteria not only killed the bacteria, but killed every other living thing in my intestines as well. Unfortunately, some of the stuff it killed was SUPPOSED to be there.

Needless to say, I ain't got milk since May. Or ice cream. It's sad, but I'm not proving to be quite the lactose intolerant bastard. We're going to do the macrobiotic thing for a while to try to replenish some of the bacteria colonies that were so effectively smartbombed out of my GI tract, though.

So already not in a good mood, I dialed up U-Haul. Why, you ask? Well, we discovered some rather unsightly gashes, and a 3/4 inch puncture hole in Madeline's passenger door caused by shrapenel from an exploding van tire in Arizona somewhere. When I dropped off the truck and trailer LAST Monday, and asked to fill out the paperwork, I was told that the boss (who was the only one who could help me) wasn't going to be in until Wednesday. So I filled out one of the official "customer requests assistance" forms and went on my merry way.

Come THIS Monday, there was still no word from them, so I dialed up U-Haul and was immediately put on hold. After HALF AN HOUR someone picked up and said, "U-Haul, please hold." I didn't. I got in my car and drove down to to the U-Haul center and stood in line for fourty five minutes.

When I got to the front of the line, I was a little less than Happy KlaeTM. I talked to the manager, who claimed to have no idea about my dilemma until I mentioned the form I filled out. "OH YEAH!" he said, and ran and got the form in under 30 seconds. So I (once again) explained what happened and he reverted to "This is the first I've heard of this." Uhhh... didn't you just know what I was talking about a few minutes ago? So needless to say, the man who could supposedly help me couldn't help me.

He called his regional office, and got an 800 number for me to call. The 800 number for U-Haul's insurance company. "Why didn't anyone tell me this on Monday?" "They didn't know." "Why did I sit on hold for a half an hour this morning?" "We're really busy, sorry." With a merry "You suck" I trotted out of U-Haul and got back in my car, dialing the insurance company on the way.

The lady at the insurance company was, to be blunt, REALLY FUCKING AWESOME. I'm talking beyond the call of duty friendly and helpfull. She immediately made me feel better, and got things moving right away. She told me I needed to get two estimates on getting the damage to Madeline fixed and that someone from the CA regional office would call me by Wednesday about it all.

Cheered, I called tarotchan to come meet me for happy Thai lunch.

Following lunch, I looked up the nearest Maaco dealership to my home, and low and behold, it was a mere four blocks from my abode. I called them at 1:30 and they said "Bring the car by at 2:00 and we'll have someone look at it." And so I did. And so they did. And they were nice. And they gave me an estimate of about $1500 to fix all the damage. HOLY CRAP!

I asked Steve at Maaco about getting a second estimate, and he sent me two shops down to another body place, who happily did an estimate as well... this time for $1900. HOLY HOLY CRAP!

Cheered at getting two estimates in less than an hour, I merrilly drove down to the main drag in Sunnyvale to procure a new cell phone. On the way, I stopped at an autoparts store to get Madeline a new headlight*.

Then I got my phone.

Then I got home and posted about my phone.

Then the rest of the day happened then I went to bed.

Yesterday I drove up here. The insurance people from the CA regional office called. I faxed them the two estimates.

They called back this morning. A check for $1500 is on its way to me to get my baby fixed. The guy at Maaco said it would only be a couple hundred more bucks to get the whole car repainted, so... soon... NEW CLEAN AND SEXY MADELINE!!


I want a car with a short skirt and a loonnnnnnnnng jacket...

* The asshat sold me the wrong headlight.

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