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Rainy days and car bills always get me down...

So my car won't be ready until next Friday at the earliest.

Mother dearest has graciously offered me the use of her vehicle so I can return to Casa de Pantelones on Sunday, however. Praise Buddah for Mother Units.

It rained last night here in the land of the Reall Fucking Hot. So now everything has the smell of wet sage.

Harkening back to the audio post no one could understand, smell brings back alot of memories, and this is no exception. Every time I woke in the middle of the night, it was like waking into my childhood, in the fall, just after school had started. This is what it always smelled like.

My Aunt is here with my cousin's son, so when kellyangel gets here with the boys, it's going to be a festival of nephew goodness (or craziness, depending on your perspective). Should keep us all pretty exhausted. :)

And I seem to be on a new icon kick... hrm...


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