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On the more positive side, though...

Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Mars is urging you to take a newly emerging plan and experiment to see how far you can go with it. You need to apply a little positive energy, even if you are not sure how viable the idea which has caught your interest actually is. Try it for size. Give it a real, fair test. Think yourself into a frame of mind. Act, just for a while, as if you have every faith that this is the right way to proceed. If it is wrong you will be able to draw back before it is too late. If it is right? Well, there is only one way to know!

So here's the plan that emerged yesterday: When I was like 12 or 13 years old, the community theatre I was involved with put up a locally written production of A Musical Christmas Carol. The first year I ran tech and stage managed, the second year I was in the chorus and understudied Tiny Tim. Well, since then, every holiday season the songs of the show come dancing back into my brain and I sing them in the car when no one else is around since no one else knows them (there's only 2 other people in all of New England that know the show at all). So I'm actually giving serious thought to trying to produce/direct the show here in Boston for the Holiday season next year. I have *NO* idea how to go about doing this, but my friend, Brett, was one of the producers for Shakespeare on the Common so I think I'll prod him just after new years. Of course the first task is to dig up the author of the show and get permission to even THINK about this. Right now, all I have is a copy of the libretto (words). No score or music whatsoever. If the author doesn't have it, I'm going to have to actually rescore all the vocals myself from memory, then find someone to write up the orchestral score. I don't read music. Heh... Anyway, this is the project that is now taking up a lot of my free memory time. If you have any advice, or know of anyone who might want to help, let me know!!

Ebenezer we've come to tell
Of the way to be saved from hell
So heed the warning and don't be glum
I'm Past!
I'm Present!
I'm Yet-to-Come!

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