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The Night Before Christmas...

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a person was sleeping for all of the shouts.
The stockings were set on the couch with great care
Cause the hooks for the fireplace had been lost somewhere
The children were fighting, Hunter beaned Kody's Head
Father Jason was shouting "You soon will be dead!"
When there in my mind I found such peaceful joy
I logged on to Live Journal to spread the "Hoi Hoi"
I thought of my family, my mom and my dad
My sister, her husband and kids (who aren't bad)
Then I though of my friends here and Boston, you know
And the peace in my mind just continued to grow.
Chrisper the fingerboy, who lives in my home
Who my friendship and love for has continually grown.
There's Karen, Ms E, with her wonderful smile
Who I can't wait to see cause it's been such a while.
Then Master of Squirrel-fu, unbelievably thin
Who constantly causes a smile or a grin
There's Dirty, that bastard, who rarely calls me
But whenever he does, I'm quite happy to see
My Jimi, in 'Ginia, which is so far away
But who makes trips to Boston just to come and play
And Gionny the artist who plays and who sings
With a talent that to people mucho joy brings
There's Uruz, at once who's a friend new and old
Fate brought us together in circles twofold
And Tang the sexmoppet, a golden haired pixy
If you play your cards right, you might be his sixty
Jeremy's laugh is contagious like fire
His passions are strong, and so is his ire
Then Frankie, the bitch who made this sap cry
In Starbucks one day with just one precious line.
Nimifer-Liz who brings smiles to my face
And whose humor brings light just all over the place
There's Mark once the Grinch who has found Christmas Spirit
Tears came to my eye when I finally did hear it
Marvy, the toy, free spirit and all
She touches your soul and brings joys great and small
Khoury, the silly little wacky old goose
Whose passion unchecked burns like fire on the loose
Khanyar or Tisha, who has many names
Shes sexy and sassy stirring Ren Faire guys flames
Diana the sprite who's a delicate flower
Her spirit is wise with knowledge and power
There's Filidh the poet who weaves mystic songs
And brings joy to my Nimi and rights all that is wrong
Lynette, well my friends, there's not much to say
But ever will she be welcome in the lap of me, Klae
CS the pariah another new friend
With enough goodness to cover the Earth end to end
Then Dana or Tarlo whose zeal always shows
Whose contagious excitement never ceases, just grows.
And Quissy who once spent much time in my place
Who must come and visit cause I miss his cute face
Couplingchaos who is yet a babe in my eyes
Whose smile and whose heart are of limitless size
And finally Jamie with my soul in his grasp
For my undying love he need not even ask
You all are my gift at this holiday time
The joy you bring me is beyond the sublime
For you all I am thankful in thousands of ways
And I hope we stay friends till the end of our days.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Monday, December 24th, 2001, 11:50 PM Pacific Time

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