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My mood is not as dismal as my earlier post might have made it seem. Yes, I do feel the acute pang of being single at weddings, but that's minor in comparison to the happiness for the wedded couple.

Today's mood was tinged with the knowledge that I'd missed a big part of my friend's life. I met his fiancee briefly during my cross country move. That was the first I even knew of her. I guess it pains me to no longer be so involved with my friends doings that I miss stuff like engagements.

Those thoughts led, in turn, to ponderances if the friends left behind in Boston, and how their lives are going on without me.

I don't know about everyone else, but I often worry about wether or not people miss me as much as I miss them. And I'm not just talking about folks I've left behind recently. I still remember my best friend's name from fourth grade (Jack Wang-- and only recently has the humor of the name become apparent). And every time I think about him, or my first crush (the one I took up clarinet to be closer to), or other people from my past, I wonder if they ever think of me.

Again, I'm not depressed. Fear not. I'm just doing the melancholy musing thing. :)

Thanks to everyone who was concerned, though.

Till death do us part

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