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Quote of the Day

The Scene: Uncle klae is cutting the big slab of beef that just came off the BBQ. Nephew k is watching:

nk: Uncle klae? What's that coming out of the steak when you cut it?
uk: It's steak juice. Like blood.
nk: Really?
uk: Yup.
nk: Mom, what's coming out of the steak?
ka: Blood.
uk: Don't you trust me?
nk: Well, um... not really.

In other news, I took the mother unit out of the house today, cause she needed to get out and DO something. So we ran to the theater and got the mail, went to drop off membership checks, then headed off to go grocery shopping. As we were getting ready to turn into Costco, this senile old bat in a big fucking car pulls out of the Target parking lot across the street from us. It *LOOKS* like she's going to pull into the center lane and then merge, but no... she just pulls right out in front of me, and the guy next to me. She cut across five lanes of traffic and the center lane without slowing or stopping.

I slammed on my brakes and stopped about six inches from hitting her. The Mother Unit is holding on to her own head muttering "oh shit oh shit oh shit", and the old fucking bitch in the gold car with license plate "TRESS 1" never even touches her brakes.

At this point, I'm in full Fight Club mode, and would have followed the old bat and put her in traction as soon as she stopped the car had the Mother Unit not reminded me we were going grocery shopping.

Some people need to have their drivers licenses taken away.


Stupid old bat

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