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Yes, I realize that no one on my Friends list actually LIVES in Michigan's 15th Congressional District, but you know what? I don't care. I want you to go to Hans' website, and look over what he has to say. Then, if you agree with him, I want you to talk about it, because maybe a friend of a friend of yours DOES live there, and maybe they don't know what Hans is trying to do.

I don't promote people or things unless they actually mean something to me. Hans is a friend, yes, but I happen to agree with alot of what he says. Those of you who have met me, and know me, and count me as a friend know that I don't have 'acquaintances'. Everyone that I consider a friend is someone special.

Hans is one of us, people, and he's trying to make a difference. So help him out in whatever way you can, even if it's just by spreading the word about what he's trying to do.

This is where it starts.

This is where we take back the country from the opinionated, bigoted, power-hungry octogenarians who've been running it for too long. So go. Read. Talk.

Spread the word. Spread it like wild fire.

All it takes is for one of us to succeed, and the door will be opened for others to follow. Help Hans be that one.

Filibusterer Extraordinaire

UPDATE: If you have questions or problems with something on Hans' platform, don't be afraid to ask him about it.

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