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1, 2, 3, 5...

So as previously stated, I was up early to count cars today.

I had a little computerized box with six buttons on it (well, there were more, but I was only supposed to use six). With those buttons I monitored Northbound and Westbound traffic at the intersection of El Camino Real and Charleston in Palo Alto.

One button in each direction was "the car is going gaily forward". One in each direction was for "the car turned right." And one in each direction was for "the car turned left."

Needless to say, within the first fifteen minutes I was making laser noises and blowing up cars in my mind. If they ran a yellow or red light, the laser coming out of the traffic signal blew them up even harder.

Then I started singing songs about blowing up cars, and destroying Palo Alto's drivers.

It was very manic, almost in a Tangesque (the character, not the LJ user) manner. I think I may have screamed like a monkey at one point.

Unfortunately, I had to be pressing buttons with both hands, so I couldn't fling poo.

Back to count more later this afternoon

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