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And if I die before I wake...

I don't have a pertinent entry. I just wanted to use that as a subject.

I'm here... it's quarter of midnight, and I'm waxing verbose.

For in the twilight hour
Upon a throne of gold
A miser sat in darkness
Forever to be lone.

And in the forest shadows
Another man did sit.
He giggled with the starlight
And shared with it his wit.

I would write something moving, or soul baring, but... there's nothing in me at the moment that needs movement or exposure, to be honest. I'm feeling particularly lucky today. Lucky that I have so many wondrous friends. And believe me, it surprises me that I do, because I'm one fickle bitch when it comes to my friends. I have many, many acquaintances, but until recently, the number of folks I called friend was rather small.

But lately they've been gravitating towards me. I find them, and add them to my collection of decadent miscreants, and it's all good.

I miss the Boston, but I'm learning to like the California.

Tomorrow I'm mailing my headshot and resume to Richard Dean Anderson and asking him for an audition for Stargate: Atlantis. What do I have to lose, right?

Anyone know how to get a hold of Christopher Guest? I have a brilliant idea for his next movie, and I want to be in it.

Philanthropic Misanthrope
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