The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

101 North

The top was down on the car, and the sixty degree wind felt cold on my face and chest.

I slipped the lever for the thermostat over to hot, and turned the warmth onto my feet, causing a rather disjointed sensation where I had goose bumps from the abdomen up.

It was dark, and the reflectors in the road shone brightly in the glow of my headlights as I zipped past them at seventy-eight miles per hour. There were other cars on the road, but I didn't see them... or at least I didn't care to see them.

The thin layer of clouds seemed to be high, nighttime clouds when I looked at them near the horizon. But cocking my head up just slightly made it clear that they were just over head, and traveling very quickly at an angle to the road I was on. Through the gaps in their wispy greyness, I could see pinpoints of light shining through from the firmament that would appear and disappear as the broken ceiling of clouds shifted position.

I intentionally froze this moment of time in my head, because it was near perfect. I felt at peace with the world, and all my problems vanished for that split second.

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