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And then there are times when I'm really really wrong...

From Tim, former castmate and awesome fucking guy:

I was writing to tell you that we are headed back to the Maize* maze this weekend and I was kind of bumming about the fact that you wouldn't be coming along. I'll miss you bro! Hope all is well out west.

Tim rules. Tim doesn't play the politics game. Tim is honest and up front. Tim got along with everyone. And Tim is really cool. I knew most of my other Asylum castmates before I started performing with them, but I didn't meet Tim till we actually started rehearsing. He quickly grew to be a bit of an Improv idol for me. I don't know that there was anyone I enjoyed doing scenes with more than Tim, to be quite honest. He is funny, multi-talented, and he was all about making other people look good.

Thank you, Tim. You just made my day.


*the Maize maze is a huge corn maze out in western MA

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