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Shattered - 8/15/1993*

Our hero was a child.
A boy, untried, it's true.
Yet he took up the gauntlet
Which this fair young maiden threw.
The challenge was unspoken
But was easily descried
By those who knew them both.
In surprise their eyes grew wide.
The ones who knew them heartily
Agreed, each had met their match
So the manacles attached themselves
Binding hearts within their latch.
The child forsook his boyhood friends
The ones supposed to last
The woman with the raven hair
Replaced those friendships past.
In her arms he learned of life
And in turn became a man.
He vowed to make his love his wife
But he did not understand.
They moved in an exotic dance
Of life and love and bliss
He worshipped ground she walked upon
And cherished every kiss.
The glass they drank from overflowed
Love filled it to the brim.
But for her the wine grew bitter
Not so, although, for him.
And then the glass was shattered
The pieces quickly swept away
His lovers love had wandered
Her body gone astray.
Yet she refused to tell him
Though his passion it did last
That the cup he thought he drank from
Was but the memory of a glass.
She was happy with this 'rangement
And from another cup did sip
Until our hero saw the truth
And the shards did cut his lip.
His lifeblood bled into his hands
Yet she was not aware
For another man was in her mind
Another's fingers in her hair.
Eventually the wound will heal
Though it leaves an ugly scar.
One day he's sure to drink again
But for now it seems afar.
And if she does but notice
The bleeding of his face
The war fated to follow
Will make Hell seem full of grace.
So he hides his scared visage
Although it hurts him so
He bides his time and waits in pain
And hopes no one will know.

*not an accurate date, just the date the file was copied, I suspect this was written five or six months earlier, at least

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