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Falling off the wagon...

Well, for those of you in Boston, you'll be happy to know that I had to close my bedroom window last night. It got down to like 45 degrees.

Of course I opened it again about 4 in the morning so I could snuggle all warm under my blankets while the room was chilly.

So it looks like fall has come to the land of eternal sunshine. It's only 55 degrees out right now, which, in a previous life, would have meant shorts and t-shirts, but this morning I sit here in my flannel pants and one of those pseudo (yet somehow trendy) longjohn style shirts.

If I wasn't so fat, I could be a J-Crew* ad.

Breakfast this morning consists of a few spoonfuls of Greek style** yogurt with some honey stirred in, and a cup of something that I made with my cappuccino maker. This is the first time I've used my cappuccino maker for anything besides steamed milk. So... I'm still learning. The concoction (made with Starbucks Special Blend ground in my Spice Grinder***) is strong coffee substance mixed with steamed, low-fat, soy milk****. It doesn't taste too bad, but I want to pick up some bittersweet cocoa powder to mix in with it to make the morning a bit happier. So yes, my Starbucks addiction has returned*****.

Today will consist of working on the script for the murder mystery for the Riverfront, running to Home Despot to get some plastic to enclose my porch with, so I can leave the plants out there for the "winter"****** and trekking off to missmelysse's tonight for relaxing Halloween funness.

Yeah, I'm becoming infected with Californianess, can you tell? :)

I get no kicks from champagne...

* J-Crew is the only place to use people who are hairline challenged as models
** No, it's not what you're thinking you fucking pervs
*** Thanks sisterthemoon!
**** Lactose Intolerant, not yuppie or PETAfied, don't worry
***** I don't know why I marked this one with asterisks... I should have wrote it down when I did it. Whoops
****** They call this winter? In my day, we had to walk....

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