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Things that make you feel good...

  1. I have an addiction. Beer. It's a huge problem for me. I love it, and I keep buying it. So I put in an order with Liquid Solutions the other day, based off of all the cool stuff they sent out in their most recent newsletter. The guy who sent out the newsletter called me tonight to check my order. Of the 4 beers I ordered, one of them was NOT the version from the newsletter, and he wanted to double check to see if I had ordered the right thing. I had not. Order repaired. Customer very satisfied. So for your beer delivery needs, shop with them!!

  2. I just got an email from one of my former students. This is a student that I never taught for a full level, but he sat in on several of my classes when he couldn't make his assigned time. He emailed me to know that they'd just had their grad show, and that it went off well. He wanted me to know that I was listed in their program under 'Special Thanks'. Heh... that rocks. :)

All sorts'a happy

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