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Cause I'm bored and have some bandwidth to burn...

(All music in Real Audio format)
(Right click and save rather than trying to stream the audio)

Track - Title - File Size
  1. We Three Kings - 325KB *

  2. Silent Night - 228KB *

  3. Carol of the Leis - 764KB *

  4. Moronic - 909KB **

  5. Baby Can I Hold You Tonight? - 773KB ***

  6. I Love the Way You Love Me - 945KB ****

  7. Deliver Me - 718KB *****

  8. Mad World - 764KB ******

Liner Notes:

This is all stuff that's been sitting (hidden) on my website for a while. I'm contemplating trashing the whole site and starting again, so they may not be around much longer... not that anyone WANTS to hear them, but hey, it may be good for a laugh, or even a genuine smile. :D

* Every couple years some friends from college get together and do a Christmas Album (sometimes serious, mostly not). These are some potential submissions from me for the NEXT album (not this year's). They're not well produced (from a technical standpoint), but they're decent starting points. The Carol of the Leis is way too long, however, and will need to be cut down if it's going to be submitted.
** This is a song parody I wrote to Alanis Morisette's Ironic for the Asylum. It never got done cause I got canned.
*** I don't particularly like most of this one, but it's there...
**** This was the song I sang at kellyangel and G-Man's wedding
***** Originally performed by Moist, I just liked the song. Yay for software that rips (most of the) vocals off of an audio track.
****** From the Donnie Darko soundtrack, another song I just like.

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