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California Christmas

The Massachusetts part of my brain screams "EARLY FALL!"

The California part of my brain screams "CHRISTMAS WEEK!"

I'm home alone right now. Dad is still at work, mom's at a meeting. The house has that smokey warm feeling that comes with having just thrown another log on the woodstove. It's raining outside, and I can hear the patter-tap of raindrops on the leaves outside the window. And the child in me is very cozy right now.

In another world, another time, I'd be curled up by the fire with a book right now. But the couch has been commandeered by the dogs, who thump their tails loudly each time I walk through the den into the Kitchen. Every once in a while I hear the lone goose out at the pond call to his friends who have moved down the street.

It's nice to be home.

Enjoying the quiet...

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