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The WAY past colliding with the present...

Everyone's been to Classmates right?

I never paid them anything, cause really, there's only ONE person I found on there that I'd really want to get in touch with. I saw lots of people whose name triggered memory that made me smile, but no one I absolutely had to talk so.

But today... today...

I worry alot about being forgotten. That's why I'm so into genealogy. I feel bad that I don't know my ancestor's names. I feel bad for them that I exist BECAUSE of them, and I don't know who they were. It terrifies me that my children's children's children may not know who I am. And on a much smaller scale, it worries me that people that I'm not around don't think about me once in a while.

That's why I made the sock puppet to send to agoodshinkickin so it can go out drinking with my friends as a surrogate Klae. Just so they don't forget.

But anyway, today...

Today I got this email through the Classmates site:

This message is from a claasmate from Savannah School
named Scott JXXXXXX. Are you the same clay who had a
meal with Henry Winkler? Please E-mail Scott at

Now, in third grade, I won the MS Read-a-thon for my area, and did indeed spend an afternoon at Paramont studios with 10 other kids and the Fonz.

Someone remembers this.

I'm a bit stunned. He saw my name on Classmates and thought "That's the kid that got to go to lunch with Henry Winkler." And so he wrote to me.

So we've been corresponding all day, catching up on everything that's happened since THIRD GRADE.

It's so bizarre...

It's really cool though. I may have to pony up the money to Classmates and write to a bunch of people so that maybe they'll feel good about being remembered, too.

Not soon to be forgotten

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