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24 hours...

What a difference it can make. This time last night I felt as if I was drowning. There was so much that was suckfilled, and it looked as if suck was on the horizon. But I slept in, got up, and faced the suck head on... and it turned out not to be suck. It turned out to be pretty good actually. And I felt my self climb out of the sea that was threatening to pull me in, and now I stand here, still a little damp, but on solid ground with my purpose clear as it was unclear last night. It is good.

Loosing my purpose is difficult. I find myself in the 'what's it all for?' mindset and I can never answer that question.

But I had my Performance Review at the Asylum today. Leah made some astute observations about me and my 'style'. She pointed out some faults, and pointed out MANY strengths... and she did it in such a positive way that we spent a good deal of the hour laughing. I appreciate the fact that she did it like this, as I was dreading the whole thing so much. And now I have things to work on. To look at. To improve. We like that.

After the PR, I interned my first level 1 class. It was weird. I remember my first day at the Asylum. I'd never been there, never seen a show, and here I was with 11 strangers making funny noises and generally having a lot of fun. If I'd known then where I'd be 2.25 years later... wow.

Then I got a phone call from Ms_E about doing something fun. It's nice to know there are people who enjoy hanging out with me, and who'll call to get me to have fun with them. And it was fun.

After the phone call, I ran into an old college friend in the North End. He was going to see a show at the Asylum. Bummer we lost the Saturdays, or I'd probably have been performing at the show that he was going to watch. But that's okay, it was good to see him.

Off to dinner the Ms_E, Joe and Cosmicserpent. Browbeaten by Dick's Last Resort waitress. Watched the Elvis celebration. Muey good.

Then BACK to the Asylum for Lisa S.'s last show. God she's talented. She's off to Hollywood. She'll have her own show someday. Someday soon.

Hanging with folks after the show for LS's going away shindig... made me feel very at home. Made me feel like I belong.

Belonging is good.

Movin' right along...

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