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Stuff about tonight...

When I moved to Boston, it took me nearly 14 months to make any new friends up there. I did, however, make some OTHER friends through some on-line game stuff who turned out to be pretty damn important to me.

When I first moved to San Jose, I thought I'd end up going through that all over again. But luckily for me, I fell in with a WONDEROUS group of folks that I got to do a WONDEROUS show with tonight.

I already knew I had some kickass friends here. That's why I moved HERE to begin with. But knowing that I've got yet ANOTHER family to hang with too, one that seems to be integrating well with my OTHER family that was already here... it just... it's awesome. Seriously awesome.

Tonight was magic, despite a REALLY fucked up start to the evening. It says alot about a group when we can pull together and put on a show of that caliber after someone having an accident (that was LUCKILY not too bad).

And then we got presents, too. Ryan painted for all of us:

Everyone in the cast got one in a different color. It was pretty damn sweet. Pretty damn sweet.

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