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Something totally random to make you feel special...

So I've got an ad up on and last night I sent a random note out to someone who sounded pretty cool. As is par for the course, I expected nothing to come of it... I usually get ignored, but this is what I got back:

    think i just feel in love with you.

    *laughs* i guess you can't really make a statement like that without
    some sort of explaination, so... i just read your profile, and i found
    myself smiling in a goofy sort of way. i felt like it was something that i
    myself could have written... mahogany eyes huh? *smiles* how

    gosh, i started this reply a good ten minutes ago, and i'm still sitting
    here, trying to come up with a good response. but i fear, i cannot. to be
    honest, i don't even have the time right now, i just came online to
    quickly check my email, but when i read your profile, i was just floored. i
    had to sit and write to you.

    i fear that you must secretly be female, because a man could never
    write like you did. never. *laughs* it just seems too good to be true.
    why the fuck are you single mister?!

    anyways, now that i've pronounced my love for you *blushes* i have
    nothing to say. i mean, how the fuck can you top that? *laughs*

Nothing like that to make you feel a little good about yourself. :)

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...
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