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Dear Employee,

Costs of healthcare are going up, so we're going to fuck you in the process. Your healthcare contribution that comes out of your bi-weekly paycheck is going from $11.75 to $19. Now don't despair, because there are some benefits that go along with this. We're allowing your co-pay to go from $5 to $15 per visit, and you now have a $250 deductible on hospital visits! We're also letting you pay for your own long term disability insurance so JUST INCASE you go out on long term disability, you won't have to pay taxes on that income. And finally, you'll get a prescription card now, so you don't have to submit prescriptions for reimbursement anymore. And we're giving you to the end of January to decide if you want to do this, or find your own insurance.


Oh, and I find myself offended at this statement: We simply cannot continue to absorb such increases without making changes that we feel will encourage employees to use our benefits responsibly and also help share the costs with us.

God, do I fucking hate those people who go out and have irresponsible apendectomies and such.


Anyone know an insurance agent?

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