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Feeling better...

While I'm still not sure how I'm going to live through the next couple months, I'm not a freaked as I've been recently.

One of my fellow Jesters showed up at the house and forced me to watch Muppets in Space, and Muppets always make me feel better. We also had baked chicken (me), baked beans (him) and baked potato salad (him). It was all quite tasty, despite the lack of veggies. I had salad but I'm out of salad dressing.

I applied for a job I was TOTALLY underqualified for tonight. Heheheh! But I wrote a good bullshit cover letter.

I must also say that the flowers (thank you again whoever you are) helped a whole bunch today, too.

I'll survive, it's just going to be a rough road.

The man with the working on a new plan
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