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NOT SAFE FOR WORK link for the day

Do you like web-comics?
Do you like sex?
Do you like laughing?

Then check out

It's a web comic done in the Japanese Hentai (naughty) style, but the comic isn't about sex, it's about laughing! The artist (co-incidentally named Clay as well) is funny as hell, and he makes light of all the funny things that happen when the lights go out (or when you pull it out, or when you're coming out, or when your batteries run out).

It's not porn. But there's definitely explicit images.

Just sit back, go to the beginning of the archives and laugh at sex some. Americans are too caught up in the Puritanical taboos built into our country by our forefathers, but I know all of you have open minds. So take a gander, it'll be worth your while.

Kenta's Horny Mom for President in 2004!

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