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On Smiles and Unexpected Early Birthday Gifts

Firsties, today, instead of just 'getting through the day' I decided to see how many people I could make smile as I stood with my sign on the side of the road.

I counted 31 waves/smiles/honks between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. These are only the ones that I could confirm due to eye contact, or arms thrust wildly out the window. There may well have been others. And some I didn't count, cause I just couldn't be sure. Yesterday's total all day was only 17.

Now, as I was *LEAVING* for 'work' today, my mailman caught me in the parking lot and had me sign for a package. Inside was an early birthday gift from haloedone and vickitori09. It's a copy of this:

The thing came complete with the original letter from the publisher back in 1916. Apparently I have a copy of the $4 version of the book. Lord knows the two birthday gifters paid more than that, though. The thing is in AWESOME shape. I originally thought it had been re-bound, because it's in a different color than the ones I saw in the NY and Philly public libraries, but I think it's just the different 'version' color, which is really cool.

I'm 95% sure I know where my family ties into the book, as well. I just need confirming evidence from Pennsylvania. WOOT!

It's 70 degrees out right now, and my face is slightly sunburnt. And Madeline has her top down, the hussy.

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