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The Fire Element


For any type, when typical negative experiences
recur, certain issues become more important
than others. The Big Issues for the Fire type

Craving love and warmth

Emotional stability



To say that these are Big Issues is to say that in
any situation, particularly one of stress, the
Fire type will almost automatically be
concerned with giving and receiving warmth and
love, finding emotional security within
themselves, finding happiness and joy and
finding closeness with others. Depending on the
strategies the Fire type has chosen, some of
these will be more important than others.

Another way of expressing the internal experience
of someone whose Fire is constitutionally
impaired is that they begin, to varying
degrees, to carry certain unanswered questions
such as:

Am I lovable?

How can I find a good relationship?

What can I do to be noticed?

How can I feel happy?

How can I become emotionally stable?

For the non-Fire type, there are answers to these
questions. For the Fire type, these questions
keep recurring, and in varying degrees do not
get answered. The difficulty in finding answers
to these questions can lead a Fire type to
develop various life-patterns or strategies.


The ways of coping which we will discuss next are a
response to the Big Issues and Unanswered
Questions. Given that these issues are
important and that the questions keep
recurring, these are the kinds of life styles
or behaviours which a Fire type might adopt to
deal with their issues.

Not every Fire type will use all of these coping
strategies and there may be other variations
which we haven't observed. It is also possible
for other types to behave in similar ways. In
this case the behaviours might be less
pronounced or have a different set of questions
behind them.

The responses are:

Being cheerful

Clowning and performing

Opening up inappropriately

Becoming isolated

Closely relating

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