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Sunshine and pizza and army men...

I was up at 7 this morning. By 7:45 I was out of the house and on the road to Redding for my nephew K's 8th birthday party.

It's strange that coming home isn't "that big a deal" anymore. In some ways, it's good, because I feel closer to everyone in that a big deal doesn't have to be made of my showing up. But in some ways it's sad, because a big deal isn't made when I show up. But there's a comfort level here that hasn't been in years and years, and that's good.

The party was fun. Several kids, several adults, pizza and cake all done up in Cammo and decorated with Army Guys.

Home for the afternoon where I helped the kids take potshots at Brother-in-law G-man and his cousin B with the paint ball gun (photos pending).

I'm glad to be here when I reflect upon the day, even thought DURING it I questioned the wisdom of coming up. It's a controled chaos that my family seems to have mastered quite well. Like 9 people playing hot-potato with 8 potatos at the same time. Except they're not potato, they're wacky balls of crazyness.

It's funny how I can't juggle in real life, and yet I get here and I can juggle crazy with the best of them.

I've been having trouble logging in to my computer with Remote Access, yet for some reason, I was able to tweak router settings remotely and log in to the DOWNSTAIRS computer. And from there, control the UPSTAIRS computer. So I'm remotely remotely controling my machine. How funky is THAT?

I think, before bed, I may go sit and watch the stars for a bit. There are so many more here than there are in the city. Perhaps I'll see a message scrawled in the heavens meant just for me.

Sleep well, everyone.

Uncle Klae

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