The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

The Spotless Sunshine of the Eternal Me...

So Friday, skygoodwill and I drove up towards San Francisco. One goal was to hit the Rogue Nation Brewhouse, the other, to stop in Colma at the most visited Jewish Cemetery in the nation.

At this cemetery is the tombstone of Wyatt Earp and his wife.

Now, of course, we tried using Tombstone Zen to find the grave, and that didn't work, so as we were walking back down to find someone to ask, a gentleman called us over and asked if we were visiting. Turns out he was the Chairman of the Cemetery Preservation Committee or something along those lines. He talked to us for a good fifteen minutes about the cemetery and its history, and pointed us towards the office for directions to the Earp plot.

Very good timing if I do say so myself.

This afternoon, a viewing of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was attended. I think this may be the first movie I've liked Jim Carrey in since Love at First Bite*. The film was awesome. Six (out of six) Titanium Screws up.

I also had really bizarre dreams last night. I was at Disneyland with a bunch of folks I know and my mom. We all got on the Pirates of the Carribean ride, but it had changed somehow. Well, there was this deal, where if you rode the ride once, you could get back on it immedately (without waiting in line) if you had this special card. We had the card. So we cut to the front of the line. But we still had to walk through the "cattle shoots" to get in. Only somehow, we got misdirected into this never ending maze of cattle shoot back BEHIND the ride. We were apparently there so long that mittenstein was forced to take a job as a cook, and he was very sad because they wouldn't let him cook anything from his Native Country of Mexico. It was all hotdogs.

Eventually we ran into this child who told us "If you sing at both ends of the bell curve, it will glow at the center." This was apparently the key to getting out, but I woke up before we did. Oh well.

Coming this Summer-- It's A Small World: The Motion Picture

*That's not true, actually. He did a good job in The Grinch.

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