The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

Fishes in the ocean... fishes in my house...

So let me start by introducing you to the newest member of my household. He (as of yet) has no name, but he's very cool, and either really friendly or one tough punkass aggressive fish.

Stepping back to yesterday, skygoodwill and I took the drive over to Half Moon Bay, and hung out at the beach for a while. It was warm and sunny, and the sun was glaring off the water. Many good pictures were taken (and they'll be uploaded once the REST of my website is back in place).

I sat in the sand on the beach for a while, listening to the surf crash into the sand, and it was as if the ocean was trying to pull us all back in. Not in a "BRAINS! BRAINS!" sort of clawing way, but in a "Come home" sort of way. Almost like a mother pulling at the horizon with her eyes to catch a glimpse of her child that has gone off to find his future. No aggressiveness, no anger, just a longing for something no longer there.

It wasn't until the drive home, however, that I found what I was really looking for on that excursion, though. As you drive up 92, and reach the top of the mountains, there's a "Vista Point" right at the intersection of 92 and 35. The vista point provides a nice view of the Bay, and of 101 (if you can call that nice) and 280. But it's the Bay, you know. Big whoop. Smells like Teen Spirit Milpitas.

About a half mile past the Vista Point, however, is a very small turnout on the road that blesses those who stop by with this:

THAT's what I'm talking about. I need to go back soon with the big camera to catch some sunset.


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