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< fanboy > A visit with Uncle Willie...

I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow morning to tape an episode of Call For Help, and also to appear on The Screen Savers. TSS will be live, CFH will air at some undisclosed time in the Mysterious Future.

"Well shit, Wil! Much notice there?" I yelled at the computer screen. After a moment I glanced around to make sure there was really no one in the house to notice me yelling. There wasn't, of course. So I posted a similar comment on Wheaton's website, then bounced over to the TechTV website.

You can email in for tickets from their site. You give them your name, email, phone number, and availability.

"4/21 (I'd like to get in to see Wil Wheaton if there are seats left)" was my reply for availability.

And then I went to bed.

This morning, about 10:30, my phone rang.

"Is Clay there?" said a friendly lady's voice.

Now, normally, if someone asks me that question and I don't recognize their voice, I immediately become The House Boy or House Sitter Guy. But for some reason, this time, I didn't.

"This is Clay," I said, while thinking, "Please don't tell me I owe you money. Please don't tell me I owe you money."

"This is Kelly from Screen Savers. You said you'd be available to come to the show today?"

"SURE! If there are tickets left!" I replied eagerly.

"Excellent! Be at the studio no later than three..." Kelly gave me directions to the TechTV studios, and asked if I was going to bring anyone else.

"Yeah, one person, if that's okay!" I said.


She took my contact info again, and then we hung up. I immediately dialed technocowboy at work, but he didn't answer his phone, so I had to leave a message. It consisted of, "Call me! Call me! Call me! Call me! Call me!"

After about ten minutes, he'd not called, so I fired up the trusty Internet communication device to nab him there. No such luck.

So I called his cell phone.

"Hello?" came the sickly stuffed up 'I'm miserable' voice.

"Where are you?"


"Are you sick?"


"Well I'm picking you up at 1:00. I've got two tickets to see Screen Savers today, and Wil Wheaton is the guest."


"Okay." Not as excited a reply as I hoped for, but hey, he was sick.

So around noon thirty I hopped in the Miata and headed to pick him up.

The drive up was much faster than I thought, and we actually got to the studio 50 minutes early. The security guard told us that we had to wait outside until 3:00. Grumbly, but accepting, we made a quick Starbucks run, then perched outside so we'd be first in line (even thought there was no line).

Shortly past 3:00, Kelly brought us all in and we got "the talk" about the show, and what was going on, and the history of TechTV. Then we got a tour of Studio A, where they film TechLive and several other shows. I got the okay to take a picture of the set, but the security guard put a stop to that before I got the chance. :P

Back into the waiting room until they got all the chairs set up, then we were shuffled off to studio B, where Unscrewed and Screen Savers shoot. technocowboy and I got second row seats, and soon after we were comfortable, Uncle Willie appeared and began strapping on his microphone.

The first segment of the show was cool. Wheaton sat off to one side and posted a blog entry. When they talked about him being in the next segment, the camera panned to him and he threw the goat.

As we sat through the break, and they were setting up chairs for Wheaton's interview, he noticed me, uberfanboy, wearing my WWDN T-shirt.

"Hey! That guy's wearing one of my shirts!"

Now it was MY turn to throw the goat.

If you didn't see the show, Wheaton is very charismatic. He was witty and intelligent, and got alot of laughs from the audience.

Unfortunately, the segment was too short, and Wheaton was in his coat dashing off to catch a plane. My copy of Dancing Barefoot went unsigned, unfortunately. I waved like a schoolgirl as Wheaton escaped from the studio. Then we settled in to watch the rest of the show.

It was cool.

< /fanboy >

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