The Velawesomeraptor Himself (clayrobeson) wrote,
The Velawesomeraptor Himself

A stabbing in the head, much likened to a pencil...

My head is killing me.

Too much sun, and too much tight collar at dinner. Yeah it's fun to dress up, but only for about two minutes.

Perhaps if everything FIT it would be a different story. Guess that means diet or lyposuction... or buy a new suit... again.

Very long, but fun day today. Lots of poolside stuff. Reading, swimming, games. Beautiful sunset while we waited for dinner.

I was planning on being all introspective tonight, but it feels like there's a pencil stuck in the side of my head.

I've got alot less me time than I expected. It's hard to get all the kids to want to do something at the same time so that some of the chaperone folks can take a little time for themselves. But it's still be a whole lot of fun.

So my me time comes late, when I'm exhausted (and have pencil in the temple headaches).

We're down around the tip of Baja right now. Tomorrow is another day at sea filled with games and too much food.

More info later.

"Clay, there's this drink I've been wanting to try with dinner. I'm going to get one tonight."

"What drink is that?"

"A shrimp cocktail."

"That's not a drink, dude, that's an appatizer."

"Oh... Darn."

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